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Praise for the Book

For every writer that ever has to pitch a project, The Hollywood Pitching Bible is the MOST essential book on pitching you will ever need. I don’t mean to be hyperbolic, but this is by far the best book on pitching projects that I have ever read. 

 This book has helped me make more than a 1,000 times what I paid for it.

  -Page Turner Review

This book is therapy for anyone having trouble wrapping their head around the technique of pitching. I wish I had Doug and Ken's wisdom earlier in my career.
-Eric Heisserer (writer, "Arrival," "Lights Out," "Hours")

Are you Crazy? Don't wait.  Buy this book now! Ken Aguado and Doug Eboch are guys who walk the walk, and here they talk the talk.  They know as well as anyone how to navigate the trickiest waters on the continent: Hollywood's pitching process.  Demystifying the secrets of what works and what doesn't for the not-so-brave new world of corporate Movie Biz. It's on my top shelf of books I can't be without.
-John Badham (Director, Saturday Night Fever, WarGames, Stakeout)

“ ‘Bible’ is the right word. This is the Truth about pitching.
Just do what it says.”

- Gary Goldman (Writer/Producer, "Total Recall," "Minority Report")

"The Hollywood Pitching Bible” by Doug Eboch and Ken Aguado tells it like it is. Everyone will be able to follow their clear instructions that could only be offered by pros who have done it so many times. The book's tone keeps it light so we're always entertained while learning these important skills.
-Carol Baum (producer Father of the Bride, Dead Ringers)

“A lot of us muddle through, hoping like hell we know what we’re doing when faced with selling our wares to the Powers That Be. With this book, the power is now in your hands. No more hoping and floundering the dark with your story. Hit the lights. Stop hoping. Know.”
– David Simkins (Writer of “Adventures in Babysitting,” “Graceland,” “Grimm,” “Warehouse 13”)


“An essential book about an essential skill.”
- Ross LaManna (Writer, “Rush Hour”)


“Salesmanship is not writing but it can be necessary/important so best do it well. THE HOLLYWOOD PITCHING BIBLE is a superb guide to an unfortunate duty..”
– David Peoples & Janet Peoples (Writers together and separately of such films as "12 Monkeys," "The Day After Trinity," "Unforgiven" and "Hero")

The authors claim in the prologue that this isn’t a book about screenwriting, but I disagree.  They tell you how to pick an idea, focus it, give it life, develop a protagonist, make it sound irresistible to a buyer, and in general think and act like a screenwriter who’s been doing this for decades.  This is an invaluable resource.
- Ron Osborn (Writer, “Meet Joe Black” and “The West Wing”)

"Most writers find the pitching process to be quite nerve-wracking, and this long-overdue book will offer them great comfort and encouragement.  Douglas Eboch and Ken Aguado break down every aspect of a pitch, from the development of an idea to the challenge of confidently facing a room full of stone-faced executives.  Moreover, they stress the importance of making a real personal connection to your material.  If you have an urgent need to tell a particular story, there isn't a buyer in the world who won't want to hear it."
- Ken Kwapis (Director of “He’s Just Not That Into You,” “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants,” and “Big Miracle”)

"I cannot stress this enough: aspiring screenwriters must read this book. It will help you design and streamline your writing process, it will help you identify what might not be working in both your idea and its execution, and it will help prepare you for the realities of salesmanship for when you're lucky enough to get in that room. I have seriously gone back through all of my screenplays and reevaluated them using the the development techniques presented in The Hollywood Pitching Bible. This book is part of my make-up as an aspiring writer and it should be a part of yours."
-Jeffrey Scape IRRE (X2)

"The best book I've read on the subject, a very smart and comprehensive look at a skill screenwriters have to master if they want to sell their work. The authors write about the art of pitching with the kind of depth and detail that only comes from years of experience, on both sides of the desk. Read the book. Then go forth into Hollywood, armed with the knowledge and confidence you need to sell your idea."
- Jeff Reno (Meet Joe Black, The West Wing)

"Luck, they say, is when preparation meets opportunity.  Consider yourself lucky that Douglas Eboch & Ken Aguado have written a book that tells you not only how to achieve a screenwriting career,
but also sustain it over time."

-Lem Dobbs, screenwriter ( Dark City, The Limey, The Score, The Company You Keep, Haywire)

“Nine companies passed on the “Liar Liar” pitch before we sold it four years later. If I'd read this book back then, we might have sold it four years earlier.”
- Paul Guay (Writer, “Liar Liar”)

"The Hollywood Pitching Bible is filled with revelations for the novice and even the seasoned pro. A first rate ‘how-to’ about the most trying yet necessary aspect of the business, the pitch.”
- Robert Eisele (Writer of Golden Globe Best Picture nominee, “The Great Debaters”)
"There's nothing else like this book out there - a practical, down to earth, common sense guide to the art and science of the pitch written by two guys who have years of experience in the trenches. It's not only full of spot on advice and technique, it also covers what to expect in the room, pitching etiquette, pitching movies vs. television - all in all it will make you a better storyteller."
- John Gray (Writer/Director ,“The Ghost Whisperer”)
If you want a book that gives you great insights into the origins of the universe, this isn’t it. But if you want a book that gives you great insights into the art of pitching, you’ve come to the right place.
- Jack Bernstein (Writer of “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,” “Monk,” and “Royal Pains”)
The Hollywood Pitching Bible is exactly what you need to learn how to pitch, or build your pitching muscles. Read this book right away so you can enjoy the process and at the same time, improve your story. I incorporate this book into my media business classes because, whether you're an entrepreneur of web video, film, TV or business, exciting storytelling is at the heart of engaging an audience. Love this book!!
-Paula Landry, producer & author of Scheduling and Budgeting Your Film; a Panic-Free Guide