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About the Book


The Three Stages of Screenwriting

About the Book

"Writers at every stage of development will be delighted Doug wrote this book.  I, however, am pissed off.  Doug has covered so much so well that it's going to be harder to write one of my own."
-Paul Guay (Sceenwriter, "Liar, Liar," "Heartbreakers," "Little Rascals")

Screenwriter and script guru Douglas J. Eboch ("Sweet Home Alabama") presents a comprehensive guide to all aspects of the craft of screenwriting. This book covers the three distinct phases of creating a great screenplay – outlining, writing the first draft, and rewriting.

Eboch delves into such topics as how to select a viable idea, how to structure a compelling plot, how to develop multi-dimensional characters, how to craft powerful scenes, how to build momentum in a story, and techniques for honing and shaping a professional caliber screenplay.

Print Version
ISBN-13: 978-1522838920
ISBN-10: 1522838929

eBook Version
ISBN-13: 978-1311570116

-Nonfiction – Entertainment – 330 pages